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The MyKids Unite Inclusion Revolution Lesson Plan Is Now Available!

Our Goal is to provide the MyKids Unite Team Inclusion Revolution Lesson Plan to 1000 Teachers in the USA by end of year 2018!  

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Projects Inspired by Florentina & her Art.


MyKids Unite #ChooseLove Campaign Times Square NYC December 2016

 Photo Credit - Tony Gale Photography

Love & peace start within me, and you. Everyone has the right to have friends, love, good health and community to live peacefully and happily among one another, regardless of any differences. 

Inspired by Florentina's Art & her MyKids Friends and MyKids Unite Team, we are driven to unite people through the arts to live, love and create in peace and harmony with one another without fear of discrimination or reprisals. 

Oneness Through Art Movement projects aim to inspire people from around the world to use their creative voice, be true to who they are while making a positive difference within themselves that radiates outward within their communities.  

Life is meant to be happy, we must find our way back to this center of enjoying the ride! We believe the key to opening hearts of understanding and acceptance of one another can be unlocked within each one of us. The arts hold those keys.