A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.
-Mahatma Gandhi

2018 - We are developing a program, Camp Speranza" An all-inclusive Holistic Vacation Program for families with special circumstances. The mission is to offer a re-invigorating yet relaxing space for families of high needs / special needs children; to unplug and recharge within a laughter-filled, heart-centered community of practitioners, healthy foods, nature lovers, surfers, yogi's, musicians and artists. A Oneness Through Art Project. *We have Fiscal Sponsorship - please contact us to get involved and for information on partnering with us and/or sponsoring this program.


Everyone has the right to have friends, love, good health and community to live peacefully among one another, regardless of any differences. My driving passion is to unite people through the arts to live, love and create in peace and harmony with one another. ~ Andrea

About Us:

The Oneness Through Art Movement was founded by a mother / daughter creative team to Unite People through the Arts. 

Through Arts Outreach, our mission is to inspire people from around the world to use their creative voice, be true to who they are while making a positive difference within their communities. We believe the key to opening hearts of understanding and acceptance of yourself and one another can be unlocked within each one of us. The arts hold those keys. 

ttp://FlorentinaSong.comThe inspiration behind the Oneness Through Art Movement is our resident Artist Florentina, a young lady with special needs who found her voice through art and music.

Born on a train in Romania, she lived her first 3 1/2 years in an orphanage. At 8 years old she created Stripes our Spokes-Zebra and the Movement began.

Florentina has been creating art since she was 3 1/2 years old and picked up a stick to draw characters in the dirt.

Her trademark styles are bright, bold, animated, realism, abstract and her MyKyds Unite Friends that inspired the Rockin' MyKids Band Animated Music Video's and Animated Series.(In development)

Andrea M. Clarke was inspired by her daughter Florentina and her ability to overcome discrimination through her art while happily staying true to who she is. To honor Florentina she founded the Oneness Through Art Movement in 2006. 

Andrea is a writer, producer, director, revolutionary and firm believer in everyone's right to be free and live happily and in peace within their (healthy) communities without fear of reprisals or discrimination.

An Intuitive Empath, she left corporate America to focus on creative projects that uplift the human spirit and bring people together through the arts.

 "Life is meant to be happy and lived with childlike wonder.
We must find our way back to this center."

2018 - We are developing a program, Camp Speranza, to offer supported vacations for families with special needs kids. Stay tuned!
*We have Fiscal Sponsorship - please contact us for information on partnering with us and/or sponsoring this program. 

“Inclusion is about living full lives – about learning to live together. Inclusion makes the world our classroom for a full life. Inclusion treasures diversity and builds community. Inclusion is about our ‘abilities’ – our gifts and how to share them. Inclusion is NOT just a ‘disability’ issue”. (Asante, Shafika)