The Story of Stripes

The Story of Stripes

Stripes the Zebra was created by Florentina when she was 8 years old. His happy bright-eyed personality won over many people who previously did not see Florentina beyond the differences and her disabilities. Florentina’s “Stripes” was bringing down walls of discrimination, brick by brick… it was that simple.

Andrea and Florentina sat down one day to research Zebras and learned that each one has different “Stripes”, their own individual unique markings. From that, Andrea was inspired and wrote the slogan…
“My Stripes May Be Different, But My Heart Beats The Same©.

The Oneness Through Art Movement is pretty simple. Our Campaign Messages are all grounded in our belief that Love & peace start within me, and you. Everyone has the right to have friends, love, good health and community to live peacefully and happily among one another, regardless of any differences. 

"Choose Love Because
The Cost Of Hate Is Just Too Great."

Each one of us has the power to seek peace within ourselves and radiate that peace and compassion to our neighbors. Our differences is what makes us the unique beautiful human beings that we are…

”Every One Person Can Make A Positive Difference,
It All Starts Within,
So Why Not Allow That One Person To Be You?”